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George Cross

added: 09-April-2002


On April 15th, 1942, at the height of World War Two, King George VI of the United Kingdom wrote to the Governor of Malta informing him that he was awarding the people of Maltese Islands the George Cross for their bravery during such trying times.

The 'George Cross' nowadays forms an integral part of the Maltese flag, despite the country's having attained its independence, for episodes like those cannot be allowed to be forgotten.


The Gunners of Malta

added: 07-April-2002


A poem by V. Inasip (Australia) in memory of the Brave men who defended the island in the face of the continuous rain of bombs and bullets during World War 2.

This heroism, shared by the whole of Malta's population, was later awarded the George Cross for all to remember the gallantry of the generations who stood fast while staring straight in the face of death.


Of Guns & Roses

added: 25-March-2002

Treating Malta’s British colonial past from a different angle, Steve Borg brings to our attention a curious aspect of historic and environmental importance.

Some British Governors are known to have had some rather negative impact on Malta's native society at the time, while others were deeply mourned by their Maltese subjects when they passed away. This article honours those Governors who saw Malta as their home-away-from-home.

Links to related articles are included and will be added.


Stationed At Malta

updated: 16-March-2002


Both Maltese and foreign servicemen (and women) may be enlisted in our special-purpose Notice Board, so that their colleagues and fellow researchers may locate them.

Those who, sadly, are no longer with us may still be listed by their relatives or friends. And photos are gladly accepted.

So visit the page, see what kind of info is required and how we present it, then simply drop us an email (but don't forget those picture/s) and we'll publish your search notice. There's no obligation whatsoever.

For those who may prefer to post data to our message boards instead, this too is possible. Whatever you prefer!.


Walter Micallef

added: 27-Feb-2002


We bring you Walter Micallef, Malta's rising star -- singer-songwriter -- lover of Malta's natural environment, traditions and language.

Make sure you visit other pages (linked to other sites) about this melodic poet, who's so 'in touch' with our feelings, our needs and our daily lives!

His new CD, entitled 'Ma Jien Xejn' is being released soon. Meanwhile, his Live performances continue.


This page requires your PC to have the Maltese Character set installed for proper viewing, as it is written in the Maltese language. An English version should follow soon, along with links to Walter's lyrics and to articles by the same and different authors.


Maltese Gardens
started: 20-Feb-2002


Malta's countryside and flora are being featured in one of our visit around the Maltese Islands.

We link to organizations who promote and 'protect' the Environment, so only 'real' conservationists are welcome for this purpose!


added: 07-Feb-2002


You can post your 'Genealogical Research Notice' under the heading of the "Family" name you are researching, OR you may wish to voice an opinion -- about the Environment, some Historical fact, your visit to Malta, anything!

Share with us your stories, your views, your pursuits, but please exercise maximum respect towards one another.


Malta's Prehistory
added: 27-Jan-2002


Here, we listed Malta's prime Archaeological Prehistoric sites complete with Chronological Table.

This page leads to another one -- Malta's Temples -- giving interesting details about each site, including discoveries, as well as photos. More pages will follow. And we are also including links to other interesting History and Archaeology sites.


More Walks ...
added: 10-Jan-2002


In our walks around Malta we have so far included:

Mdina and
the Three Villages.

Of course, there are more coming up soon. These could include your (or your relatives' ) home town/s, places you stayed at or visited on your holiday here, and places of interest, like Malta's Historic Sites.

Photos are added regularly, so re-visit your favourite pages and, if you live outside Malta, perhaps you'd like to let us know what you wish could be photographed for you... We'll do our best to bring it to you.


Look Out for More NEW Pages coming soon!

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