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Level 1: ? ? the Homepage, opening up to
Level 2: ? ? the Main Pages, in turn leading to
Level 3: ? ? the Specialist pages and articles.

There is one Level 1 Homepage and five Level 2 main pages, which are:

? ? The Maltese Islands
? ? A Rich History
? ? That's Interesting
? ? At Your Service
? ? Resources Page (Free Stuff)

Each Level 2 main page branches out into various Level 3 pages.
A fuller explanation of the pages in each level follows

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Below we list "Level 2" and "Level 3" pages. There will always be more.


?? 2:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? is your WINDOW ? ? leading to...

the Picture Pages, with some background information about the Towns and Villages of Malta and Gozo.

The main page for this section is
"... Your Walk Around the Maltese Islands",

which leads to the following pages :

3: ? Valletta, our capital
Sliema and her neighbours
The Three Cities of the Order
The Three Villages
The Silent City - Mdina
Mosta to Mellieha;
Malta's north
Marsa to Marsaxlokk;
Malta's south
Gozo and her splendor
Malta's Villages
and Countryside
Our seashore,
Harbours and Bays
and some of our Historic Sites
Other 'picture' pages include collections, such as:

PreHistoric Temples and sites
Towers, Forts...
Native Flora of the Maltese Islands in
` Spring, Summer,
? Autumn, Winter,


Malta's Skies so
full of colour

Some of these pages are still under construction. We have hundreds of photos being prepared for uploads, but time and 'backgound information' are our foremost obstacles.

Equally important is our page entitled "Who Are We ? -- a brief look at the Maltese national 'character'. ? With 'honest-to-God' descriptions of our local traits, this page is sub-headed: The Good, the Bad and the Not so Nice! ? We hope to have left nothing out...

Ira Losco, June 2002, singer; a credit to Malta Dingli, the Good Lookin' One

?? 2: ??
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? is your GUIDE ?into...

the Islands' exciting past, bringing us every step of the way from the darkness of a PreHistoric age till the complications of more recent history.

The main pages are presented in Table format, so as not to encumber visitors with too much detail. ? Next, hyperlinked explanations, provided either in the form of articles or as secondary documents expand on individual subject matters.

Here is how the levels are laid out:

Firstly an Introduction, before we start the journey
'Through the Corridors of Time', then

Table 1: The B.C. years
tackles events from the earliest known till A.D. 60
Table 2: The Early A.D. years
Punic, Roman, Moor, Spanish, Sicilian, Knights, French...
Table 3: The Later A.D. years
looks at the British occupation, home events, WW2...

3: ? Prehistory gateway leads to the Temples page.
Events Explained covers the Phoenician through to
Arab rule (ended c.1090)
Events Explained from the Norman Conquest till the coming of the Order (1530)
The Order of S.John concentrates on the Order's rule
Grand Masters of the Order looks at the rulers themselves
Elsewhere in the World attempts to put events into a global context
British Governors starts off the British colonial age events
World War Two -- an overview, with its own links.

There are other articles related to History, found under other sections, for example under Interesting. ? click here

Some of these pages are still under construction. Visitor contributions -- in the form of articles -- are most welcome, but contributors are urged to quote their sources of information and to obtain the necessary permission to use material and/or pictures. ? This site cannot be held responsible for infringements on submitted material while, on the other hand, declares its contributors' copyright.

?? 2: ??
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? is our COLLECTION of Articles . . . ?

written about different topics, by different people, with different interests, BUT all are related to the Maltese Islands.

The main page lists the different Categories, each with its 'mini-list' of articles; a bit like this sitemap. ? Each category, in turn, finishes off with a page entitled: "Other articles ... " or similarly. ? This list contains a fuller list of articles, especially useful as the mainpage is updated from time to time, so these lists should accumulate 'titles'.

That's Interesting Mainpage -- at Level 2 -- opens up into the following catagories and articles as shown under Level 3 (below).

3: ?

Maltese Language articles, including some beautiful literal excerpts
Maltese History with articles complimenting the main pages
Maltese Personalities from history and from the recent past
A Walk Around Malta is the same as in the 'Maltese Islands' section above
World War Two Experiences brings us personal stories / common-folk biographies
Maltese Culture aims at bringing cultural events to our attention
Maltese Churches & Chapels -- here we'll try to provide some background too
Maltese Traditions is under compilation ...
Maltese Legends also being compiled

As can be seen, some of these pages are still under construction.

We feel compelled to repeat here the warning regarding visitor contributions: Contributors are urged to quote their sources of information and are personally responsible to obtain the necessary permissions to use any material and/or pictures. ? This site cannot be held responsible for any infringements on submitted material while, on the other hand, declares its contributors' copyright.

Submitted articles are published at the webmaster's sole discretion and cannot be withdrawn once submitted.

Maltese HOBZA - unbeatable bread Renown Admirers of the Maltese Islands Collections -- Quarter Gill

? ?? 2:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? is our help page for researchers . . . ?

listing third-level pages directed at posting search notices and providing interesting links.

The main page lists the following pages:

3: ?

Family Names is still to come (look out!)
Researchers' Corner where your message-board 'search notices' are pasted
Stationed at Malta is a listing of ex-servicemen who served at Malta at any time
Links worth noting lists as many sites / services as possible to help researchers
Other Services is a miscellaneous page, still to come ...
Suggestion Box listens to what you have to propose

? ?? 2:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? is our FREE STUFF section . . . ?

intended to be both fun and a source of learning,
full of links to other sites that provide FREE information,
programs and other utilities.

The main sections covered in this page are:

    Malta Links like
      Malta Weather
      Malta Yellow Pages &
      Phone Directory
      News Paper links
    Life Skills, which include
      Motivational Newsletters
      Personal Coaching and
      Biographies of successful people
    Internet & E-Commerce links, e.g.
      Free Website sources and Web Tools
      Copy & Paste Javascripts
      site submitters, etc.
    Study & Research such as
      On-line Dictionaries
      Links to the Biography Channel & History Channel sites
    General Interest links, like
      Ask-Me (dotcom)
    Fun Sites with
      Photos, Screensaver and Wallpaper utilities, and
      my-malta-Greeting Cards, as well as others

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