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Submitting Information about: CAMILLERI, Salvatore (a.k.a. Saviour)

no photo available

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1940 — 1945
Regiment-Company: King's Own Malta Regiment (KOMR) 2nd Battalion
Stationed at:
Posted by
(and date):
Saviour Camilleri himself (16-June-2005)

Submitter's Comments:

After my discharge I came to Australia (in June 1949) where I have five children. After retiring from several succesful businesses, including a hotel, I went on to study several postgraduate degress including a Masters and now I am enjoying my retirement.

Submitting Information about: HOGAN, Bernard
(b: 01-08-1912   d: 25-01-1944 / Italy)

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1940 – 1943
Regiment-Company: Royal Artillery, 12th Field Regt.
6/23 Battery att. to 222nd AA Battery
Rank: Gunner
Stationed at:
Posted by
(and date):
Anthony Hogan (22-June-2005)
_hogantho@ aol.com_

Submitter's Comments:

He was 5 feet 5 inches tall, had brown hair and was known as Barney back in Liverpool.   Bernard was married to Ellen (Nellie) and had one son, also called Bernard. He was outposted to Malta on Oct. 29th, 1940, three years to the day before he was shipped to Italy in 1943. He was in Hospital at Malta from September 1943 to 27 October 1943 ...

On 29 October 1943 he was sent to Italy. Sadly Bernard was killed in action on 25 January 1944 and is buried at Minturno War Cemetery. He was 31 when he died.

Hoping to find out/contact anyone who knew him or of his regiment. When he was killed in Italy his regiment had changed to Royal Artillery 51 Medium Regt. I dont know why? I hope to find where he was stationed in Malta so I can visit.

his Grandson, Anthony

visit also Anthony Hogan's dedicated website

Submitting Information about: LAZELL, William John (a.k.a. Bill)

Nationality: English
Years of Service: July 1941 — 1944
Regiment-Company: Royal Artillery
Rank: Sergeant
Stationed at: various (see below)
Posted by
(and date):
Paul Lazell (01-July-2005)
_PAULOISX@ aol.com_

Submitter's Comments:

Bill operated Radar and Anti Aircraft guns. He worked in many places around the Island, including Valletta, Marsa, Zebbug, Luqa and Tal Kali.

My Dad unfortunately died in February 1980. He left me all his photos he took while serving on Malta along with his diaries of day to day events between 1941 - 44.

Submitting Information about: HARBORD, Frank

no photo available

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1941 — early July to mid-October
Regiment-Company: RAF - 105 Sqn
Rank: Sergeant at the time
Stationed at: Marsaxlokk (Kalafrana) & Luqa
Posted by
(and date):
James Harbord (01-July-2005)
_j.harbord@ ntlworld.com_

Submitter's Comments:

With 105 sqn flying Bristol Blenheims, based at Marsaxlokk. Luqa. Flew at zero altitude to attack German shipping supplying Rommel in North Africa. Attacked Tripoli harbour at zero altitude, Frank Harbord has punlished his memoirs as "Familiar Voices" published by Able Publishing. Chapter 9 is a particularly moving account of those difficult times in Malta in 1941. Book obtainable from the author ?15 - see website. It has been acclaimed by many who flew Blenheims or by their relatives.

Please visit the following link: which is the web site about my Dad's book - chpter 9 covers his time In Malta in 1941 in the RAF.

his son - James