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Page 5

Submitting Information about: ARCHER, Charles Frederick

no picture yet

Nationality: British
Years of Service: January to May 1943
Regiment-Company: Royal Air Force, 272 Squadron
Rank: Flying Officer
Stationed at:
Posted by
(and date):
Elayne Archer (13-August-2004)

Submitter's Comments:

My father was killed on May 10, 1943. I attach part of the letter from the commanding officer to my mother a week or so after his death.

"I am commanded by the Air Council to inform you that they have with great regret to confirm the telegram in which you were informed that your husband, Flying Officer Charles Frederick Archer, Royal Air Force, is missing and believed to have lost his life as the result of an aircraft accident on 10th May, 1943.

"The only information contained in the telegraphic report from Royal Air Force headquarters, Malta, is that your husband was an observer of a Beaufighter aircraft, which was on a bombing practice flight and crashed into the sea near Filfola Island, Malta, owing to thee explosion of one of its bombs."

I was just interested if you have any record or futher info about my father. Thank you.

his daughter, Elayne

Submitting Information about: MARSHALL, Omar

photo to follow

Nationality: American
Years of Service: Sept.26, 1968 -- Nov.02, 1970
Regiment-Company: United States Navy
Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class
Stationed at: N.A.T.O.
Posted by
(and date):
Dorothy Marshall (14-August-2004)

Submitter's Comments:

I was born in Malta in August 1969.   My parents always told me about the hospitality and the wonderful honesty of the Maltese. They really enjoyed their stay in Malta. It was their favorite place to be stationed in my father's twelve years of service.

Submitted Information about: GALEA, Emmanuel
(b: 1913 -- moved to Australia)

Emmanuel 'Wayna' Galea

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1939-62
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery, 1 HAA Regt. RA
Rank: Gunner (nr.10162)
Stationed at: Fort Ricasoli,
Fort Benghisa,
Fort Campbell,
Tigne Barracks,
Fort Saint Elmo.
Posted by (and date): John Galea (30-October-2004)
Submitter's Comments:

In the army, my father was known as Galea "il-Wayna".   He was 27 years old when he enlisted on September 26th, 1939, and spent exactly 23 years in the service, before his honourable discharge on September 25th, 1962.

Dad served in 1 HAA regiment of the Royal Malta Artillery, branch one coast.   His duties were those of a gunner and paractical fitter mechanic.

In 1963, after the termination of his long army career, my dad emigrated to Australia with the family and has lived here ever since.   At this time of writing, my father is 91 years old and this information is what he recalls.   I hope this will be helpful, maybe someone can recognize him and contact me.

his son John

Submitted Information about: McVEIGH, Edward
Nationality: Irish
Years of Service: approx. 1914-18
Regiment-Company: Connaught Rangers
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Kathy McVeagh-Luzha (11-November-2004)
Submitter's Comments:

This search is being made on behalf on my father, who is trying to find his grandfather's war grave in Malta.

Edward McVeigh was my father's grandfather, my great grandfather.   He had been at war in India and was sent to Malta. He had contracted Malaria whilst in India and he died of it in Malta but was buried in the war graves in Gozo.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.     Kathy McVeagh-Luzha

Submitted Information about: de MEURON WOODS, Charles Humphrey
(b: 24-8-1894)
Nationality: (Commonwealth)
Years of Service: 4-Oct-1939 to 17-July-1942
Regiment-Company: Royal Navy
Rank: Commander (prob.)
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Paris McLaughlin (23-Jan-2005)
Submitter's Comments:

Submitter would like to receive any info about this listed gentleman:

"Iím afraid I donít know much else about him. I bought his WW1 medals here in NZ a few months ago, and would like to find more about his service in WW2."

Submitted Information about: PUSEY BRIDGEN, Henry Ralph (k.a. Harry)
Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1938 - 1939
Regiment-Company: RAF
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): David Bradbury (27-Jan-2005)
Submitter's Comments:

My uncle died January 1939 off Malta; 2 planes crashed on landing on HMS "Glorious".

Submitted Information about: LAWSON, Roy W.

click photo

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1941 - 1941  
Regiment-Company: RAF – 249 Squadron
Rank: Flight Sergeant
Stationed at: Ta' Qali (Takali)
Posted by (and date): Rich Lawson (25-Feb-2005)
Submitter's Comments:

Flt Sgt R W Lawson of 249 squadron was shot down and killed on 29/12/41 NE of Malta. A copy of his diary is now in Ta' Qali Air Museum.   Roy became friendly with a family in Malta, this family visited UK after the war.   It would be interesting to find out who they were.

Please visit: Roy's Page.

Rich Lawson

Submitted Information about: BROWN, Sam

Nationality: British
Years of Service: (30.Sep) 1940 - (25.Aug) 1942  
Regiment-Company: RA and RMA 27 Heavy Ack Ack – Service nr: 4383054
Rank: Bombardier
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Dennis Brown (22-March-2005)
Submitter's Comments:

I have been trying to trace my late father's service on Malta during the 2nd World War. He served in the R.A. from 1940 till 1942, when he was air-lifted off the island due to injuries to his legs following a hit on his gun position. I wonder if anyone has done any research as to were the guns were positioned at different periods, ie: airfield, harbour.

He was later posted to the Royal Engineers, after recovering from his wounds till the end of the war,d serving in the UK. He rarely talked about the war but was always proud to have served in Malta at that critical time. I remember him coming home wearing in his forage cap both the R.A. and R.M.A. badges.

It would be nice if anyone had any information that would help. He did mention how he came off the island with both his legs in plaster in an RAF Hudson flown by a polish pilot, then back to Gibraltar.

Dennis Brown,
his son.

Submitted Information about: WHITTLE, George

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1836 - 1838  
Regiment-Company: 70th Regiment of Foot
Rank: Private
Stationed at: Fort Manoel and Fort Ricasoli
Pay 5d. per day.
info. from Muster Rolls in British National Archives
Posted by (and date): Carol Fullelove (05-June-2005)
Submitter's Comments:

Hello, I have just visited your interesting website looking to confirm some place names of fortifications on Malta. I wonder if you can help me please. An ancestor of mine was stationed in Malta with the 70th Regiment of Foot from 1836 - 1838. The Muster Books in the British National Archives mention Fort Ricasoli, (Mt.?) Salvadore and Fort Mamarle (Manoel). The writing in the old documents is difficult to read and I would like to confirm the accuracy of the above fortifications if at all possible. Kind regards,

Carol Fullelove

George was Carol's Great, Great, Great Uncle.

Submitted Information about: BLAKEY, Joe

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1957 - 1959  
Regiment-Company: Royal Air Force
Rank: Senior Aircraftsman
Stationed at: Siggiewi, now Ta Kandia
Posted by (and date): Joe Blakey (10-June-2005)
Submitter's Comments:

Webmaster: Check out Joe's photos by following this link.