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Seeking Information about: BONNICI Joseph (Guzeppi)
(b: Feb 18, 1887 – d: Oct 5, 1915)

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Memorial at Naval Cemetery

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1905 (?) -- 1915
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery, service nr: 2688
Rank: Gunner - R.M.A.
Stationed at: died at Naval Ordnance Dept
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Posted by (and date): Steve Farrugia (08-Sept-2002)

Submitter's Comments:

Giuseppe was my great-grandfather. We have very little knowledge of him as he died very young -- during the performance of duty. Visit the brief account of his death and the circumstances of the Bonnici and Farrugia families in the early- and mid-1900’s. For a report on this incident, please view issues of the “Daily Malta Chronicle” dated 6th and 7th October 1915, pages 3 and 7 respectively. To contact submitter, please drop a line to this site.

Seeking Information about: WARRINGTON Joseph Malcolm, Calì
(b: (Malta) Sept 11, 1919 – residing: Canada)

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Convoy MW.10
Joe M. Calì Warrington

Nationality: Maltese/Canadian
Years of Service: (Malta) 23-March-1942 till end 1943
Regiment-Company: Royal Air Force
Rank: Air Gunner
Stationed at:
click for Joe’s story (2 Parts)
Posted by (and date): Joe Calì Warrington (11-Sept-2002)

Submitter's Comments:

Have a good read, full of fascinating facts, about how a young Maltese lad set off to further his education away from the shores of home, joined the RAF and was to return, by Convoy (MW.10), to Malta in her worst hour of need. You may contact submitter directly or by dropping us a line.

Seeking Information about: RIDDELL John (“Joe” / “Jock”)
(b: Scotland, date?? – residing: Leicester, UK)

Picture not available
Nationality: British (Scotland)
Years of Service: (Malta) March-1941 – February 1944
Regiment-Company: Royal Air Force
Rank: Corporal – Fitter 2A (137 MU)
Stationed at:
(Malta:) Kalafrana and Gzira
also with 65 Squadron at RAF Northolt, Hornchurch, Rochford and served in the Battle of Britain.
Posted by (and date): Helen Hines (24-Sept-2002)

Submitter's Comments:

My father served in Malta during WW2 – now retired and living in Leicester, an active member of the George Cross Island Association, but without internet access, hence my carrying out some of his research, although my knowledge of the “military” is somewhat limited!!! . . . but hopefully I am able to give the information requested.

He is extremely interested in hearing from anyone who may have served with him at any of his postings, in particular: “Lofty” Neville, Harry Mattock, Reg Davis, Corporal “Robbie” Robinson, Tony Mills, Sergeant Hull . . . Many thanks for your help.

Submitter may be contacted directly, or via

Submitted Information about: BONELLO Michael
(b: Feb 21, 1943 – resident: Malta)

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Michael Bonello, RMA

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1959 -- 1966
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery, service nr: 18135827
Rank: Bdr - R.M.A.
Stationed at: Recruit: Fort St Elmo 1959 to 1961 2 Regt RMA 6 Bty X troop at Imtarfa Bks
1961 to 1966 1 Regt RMA RHQ at Dortmund and Mulheim in W.Germany
Posted by (and date): Michael Bonello (11-Feb-2003)

Submitter's Comments:

Referring to his childhood, Michael told us that the family “emigrated to the USA then came back to Malta”. He continued: “I was a young lad when I joined the RMA in Malta and we also did some training in North Africa and then we moved to Germany. After Germany [1966] I got discharged and got married and we went to live in Canada. After so many years we came back to Malta where I intend to stay as I will retire hopefully next year”.

To contact submitter, please email Mr Bonello or this site.

Seeking Information about: KICKHAM Rosemary
Nationality: Irish
Years of Service: 1943 -- 1945
Regiment-Company: WREN — Royal Navy
Rank: Non-Commissioned
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Jonathan Rohan Kickham (27-February-2003)
Submitter's Comments:
My mother worked on ship and aircraft identification books.

her son, Jonathan

Submitting Information about: SAUNDERS Ted (Sandy)
(b: ?? – resident in Australia)

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to see Ted’s page
Ted ‘Sandy’ Saunders

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1941 -- 1943
Regiment-Company: Royal Air Force, 249 Squadron
Rank: Airframe Fitter
Stationed at: Ta’ Qali (Takali) Airfield
Posted by
(and date):
Ted Saunders (26-April-2003)
Submitter's Comments:

Is there anyone out there that served at Takali [Ta' Qali] Airfield in 249 Squadron during 1941-1943.   Would like to make contact with comrades.

Ted Saunders (Sandy) Please visit Ted's personal page (with Malta and family pictures).

Seeking Information about: CARUANA Abraham
(b: Sept. 27, 1923; Birkirkara, Malta)
Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1942 -- 1945
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery
Rank: Private
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Richard Caruana (27-April-2003)
Submitter's Comments:

My name is Richard, e-mailing from Australia, and I am one of nine sons (four sisters) of Abraham CARUANA.   Abraham married Mary Micallef in 1944.   He was 19 or 20 years old when he enlisted.   Could anyone please supply details of Abraham’s WW2 Military Service?

Submitted Information about: Tidswell Dennis
(b: 1922 – living in Pembroke, UK)

no photo available
  yet unfortunately
photo to follow
submitter himself

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1941 -- 1945
Regiment-Company: RAF
Rank: Rank Corporal
Stationed at: Luqa, Ta' Qali, Valletta AHQ, Kalafrana, Gozo
as Trade Radio Operator / Radio VHF
Posted by (and date): Dennis Tidwell (09-Nov-2003)
Submitter's Comments:

"... marched in the Armictice parade to-day.   Would like to try and contact some old chums - where do I start?"

for (1920's) aerial photos of Valletta Admiralty HQ and Kalafrana visit: the
Mason-Bailey Malta Album pages; Part one and Part three, pg 5

Submitted Information about: BARKER Thomas, BEM
(b: 1915 – d: 2002)

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special treat
Thomas Barker
submitter’s father

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1941 -- 1943
Regiment-Company: RAF, 828 Squadron (Hal Far)
seconded to the FAA, service nr: 529747
Rank: Sergeant
Stationed at: Hal Far
Posted by (and date): Lawrence M Barker (11-Nov-2003)
Submitter's Comments:

In transcribing his father’s WW2 Diaries, the submitter brings us detailed descriptions of Sgt. Thomas Barker's experiences whilst serving in the defence of Malta.

We later read of Sgt. Barker's involvement in the boarding of the capitulating Italian Fleet outside St Thomas Bay [Malta] in Sept 1943.

Submitting Information about: STAMP Edward Victor
(b: 1900 – deceased)

no photo available
  yet unfortunately
photo to follow

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1940 -- 1943
Regiment-Company: Royal Air Force,
Rank: Sergeant
Stationed at: Kalafrana (armoury)
Posted by
(and date):
Jayne Wilkie (06-Dec-2003)
Submitter's Comments:

He told me many stories when I was child, sadly more than I can remember. He was in the Armoury at Kalafrana as far as I know. I also have some of his gun drawings from his time there.

Would love to hear from anyone that new him, plus any pictures.   He would have been considered an old man in the service, as born in 1900, but still did his bit.

His daughter.