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Submitted Information about: Michael GRAVES
(b: 19?? -- d: 1949)

no photo available
no photo available

Nationality: British
Years of Service: (Malta) March 21st till July 13th, 1942
Regiment-Company: RAF Squadron 126
Rank: P/O   (pilot officer)
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Mr Graves, his son
Submitter's Comments:

"Michael Graves flew Spitfires and was awarded DFC for shooting down 6 planes.

"My father was killed testing planes for Westlands in 1949, shortly after I was born. I have very little knowledge of him and would appreciate any information. When my mother died I inherited my father's log books and a considerable amount of photos, they might be of interest to some one."

Submitted Information about: Anthony DARMANIN
(b: Feb 15, 1890 -- d: Aug 1970)

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Anthony Darmanin

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1905-36
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery
Rank: Drum Major
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Joseph Darmanin, (29-April-2002)
courtesy of Joseph V. Rizzo
Submitter's Comments:

Joseph Darmanin also submitted a short biography about his dad, Anthony Darmanin. Here you may see some very interesting Photographs.   Click the photo to open Anthony's page.

Seeking Information about: James Joseph (‘Jim’) MAGRO
(b: Apr 1, 1923 - Malta – moved to Sydney, Austr.)

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Jim’s Album

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1942-46
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery (Mar-18, 1942) ,
Royal Engineers (end of 1944 for some 6 months) and
King’s Own Malta Regiment (circa 2nd quarter of 1945, till July, 1946)
Rank: Gunner - R.M.A. and Works Apprentice - Royal Eng. Corps.
Stationed at: Fort Ricasoli,
Spinola (S. Julians),
Tal-Qroqq Battery,
Birguma Battery, Naxxar,
Gudja Battery,
Hal Ghaxaq Battery,
Mtarfa Hospital (Royal Eng. Corps) and
POW guard duty (KOMR)
Posted by
(and date):
Jim Magro (16-May-2002)
courtesy of Joseph V. Rizzo

Submitter's Comments:

Have a look at Jim’s War Album and his Story in the Wartime Experiences section.   To contact Jim, you may drop us a line here at this website.

Submitted Information about: Percy Nazareno CARTWRIGHT
(b: July 16, 1925 -- moved to Sydney, Austr)

click here for expanded photo
Percy Nazareno Cartwright

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: March 04, 1940 -- Apr 30, 1964
Regiment-Company: Royal Engineer Corps and
RAF (Ministry Public Works)
Rank: Soldier / Wireman -- Service Nr: 753
Stationed at: Mtarfa Military Hospital (Maint.)
Posted by (and date): Percy Cartwright jr. (17-June-2002)

Webmaster's Comments:

Anybody who happens to know Percy is asked to get in touch with his son at the above address, or with this site

Seeking Information about: KILGARIFF Denis (senior)
(b: 19?? – d: 1982)

No picture available as yet.

Nationality: English
Years of Service at Malta: 1936 – 1944
Regiment-Company: King’s Own Malta Regiment,
seconded from the South Staffordshire Regiment
Rank: Regt. Sergeant Major ; machine gun instructor
Stationed at: Citta' Vecchia and (in 1940) Mellieha
Posted by (and date): Denis Kilgariff Jr. his son (28-July-2002)

Submitter's Comments:

[ Submitter lived in Mtarfa, Malta, between 1936 and 1946, when he and his family left for Gibraltar on April, 27th.

-- webmaster]

My father, also named Denis Kilgariff, was seconded to the King’s Own Malta Regiment from the South Staffordshire Regt. in 1936 as a sergeant machine gun instructor. He was based at that time at Citta’ Vecchia (Rabat). When the war started (as far as Malta was concerned) in June of 1940, he was made RSM of the K.O.M.R. and was stationed at Mellieha.

His claim to fame was that he was the RSM in charge of the Parade at the presentation of the G.C. when it was awarded to Malta in 1942.   I have had a photograph of my father at the lectern containing the George Cross, handkerchief in hand, raising the glass cover, ready for the presenting officer to extract the G.C. [Unfortunately, this is no longer available, so if anyone has a similar picture, submitter would be indebted to receive a copy.]

To contact submitter, please email Danny or this site.