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This page is dedicated to
the many men and women from various countries
who served in the Armed Forces at Malta
so that their name and services may be remembered.

This is one of the services provided by It is your listing of native and foreign service men and women who were stationed at Malta during the islands' past, at times of war and of peace.

Also, you should not forget to list those members of the Royal Navy, as well as their Merchant Navy comrades, who ran convoys to/by Malta during WW2.

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There is no restriction as to the period of their tour of duty. As long as their years of service concerned Malta, all participations are welcome. The aim here is to remind one and all of those who served to defend Malta and Gozo over the years.

Please use the form to e-mail us information regarding your family members and/or friends the format required (see below). This is a Notice Board for those interested in searching for comrades or relatives, as well as a record of short anecdotes. It will, above all else, serve as a reminder of hard times... not to be revisited except in the history books.

Compile your data in the following format:

  • Surname / Name(s)
  • Nationality
  • Year(s) in which person was stationed at Malta
  • Service/Regiment/Company
  • Rank
  • Useful Information and/or Anecdote
  • How person was related to submitter
  • Name and e-mail address of submitter (date of submission will also appear)

Thank you for your valued participation.   Please don't forget to visit the personal links (individual pages) where available.   Your may also wish to visit our History Pages and as well as our:

Continue your Research HERE !

Page 1

Seeking Information about: Carmelo RIZZO
(b: July 8, 1907 -- d: Jan 2, 1986)

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submitter's father

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1941-44
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery
Rank: Regular Soldier (gunner)
Stationed at: "Kordin Barracks" (Corradino)
Posted by (and date): Joseph Victor Rizzo (15-Feb-2002)
Submitter's Comments:

My search seemed to suggest that Carmelo Rizzo might have been involved in the Dockyard Defence Battery, which on the 28 April 1941 were given the option of joining as regular soldiers in the Royal Malta Artillery, which he did (See photo). He might've been in the section of the 3rd Light anti-aircraft regiment of the Royal Malta Artillery.

Please proceed to Carmelo Rizzo's page for updated information and, while you're at it, visit also Carmelo Rizzo's dedicated website (created by J.V.Rizzo).   Anyone having any further info is requested to contact Joseph Victor Rizzo directly.

Seeking Information
Charles (Carmel) CARTWRIGHT
(b: Feb 2, 1923 - Malta -- d: May 23, 1991 - Sydney, Austr.)

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submitter's father

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1940-51
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery (Jul-19, 1940) and
Royal Engineers (Dec-19, 1944 till Oct-01, 1951)
Rank: Regular Soldier (gunner) R.M.A.
Field Engineer - Royal Eng. Corps.
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Charlie Cartwright (05-Mar-2002)
Submitter's Comments:

Seeking Information
the colleagues who served with
(born: Nov 26, 1926 - Msida, Malta -- Moved to Australia)

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Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1941-46

Royal Malta Artillery, 11th Battery Regiment - RMR (1941) and
Royal Army Service Corps
(ca. 1943 till August, 1946)

Rank: Gunner
Stationed at:

Bubaqra 3.7 Gun Position and
' Ta'Karac ' Hal-Ghaxaq
(pron hull-aa-shaQ) -- 3.7 Gun pos.

Posted by (and date): Joseph V. Rizzo (16-Mar-2002)
temp. e-mail
Submitter's Comments:

The Gun Position at Hal-Ghaxaq was close to the Hal-Far and Luqa aerodromes so was engaging the daring Junkers and Stukas. John held this post until 1943.

The 11th Battery regiment was disbanded soon afterwards and John then posted to the Royal Army Service Corps until his discharge in August, 1946.

John wishes to get in touch with ex-colleagues or their next of kin. Please refer to the photos on the attached page.

Seeking Information
the comrades who served with
George ADDIS
(born: Feb 17, 1920 - lives in Somerset, England, at time of submission)

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submitter's father

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1940-43 (stationed at Malta)
Regiment-Company: Royal Air Force, Armourer - RAF
Rank: Corporal (prob. to Sergeant)
Stationed at: Luqa Aerodrome mainly
Posted by (and date): Tim Addis (05-Apr-2002)
Submitter's Comments:

In the absence of this submitter's comments we invite you to visit his very comprehensive and pictorial website entitled Malta G.C. especially the page we link to here, as it gives photos of many groups of servicemen.

Submitted Information
George ALLEN
(born: Jan 21, 1918, Liverpool, England - died: in Australia)

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submitter's father

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1934-62 (stationed at Malta: 1941/43)
Regiment-Company: Cheshire Regiment, British Army
Rank: Sergeant -- Service Nr: 4123398
Stationed at: Verdala Palace
Posted by (and date): Marie Curley (16-Apr-2002)
Submitter's Comments:
Submitter sent us a memoire of her late father, including some of his War pictures and a very interesting Group Photo of the Sergeants' Mess. Go now to George Allen's page

Seeking Information about: The Army comrades of
Joseph DARMANIN (born: April 29, 1918 -- moved to NSW Australia)

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Joseph Darmanin

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service: 1935-64
Regiment-Company: Royal Engineers and
Royal Malta Artillery
Rank: Sergeant -- service nr: 497
Stationed at: "Fort Saint Elmo" (Valletta -- WW2)
Posted by (and date): Joseph Victor Rizzo (20-April-2002)

Submitter's Comments:

Have a look at Joseph Darmanin's page, with details of his years of service and collection of Photographs, including some pictures of his dad's Army days.   Click the photo to open Joseph's page.