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This page is dedicated to
the many men and women from various countries
who served in the Armed Forces at Malta
so that their name and services may be remembered.

This is one of the services provided by It is your listing of native and foreign service men and women who were stationed at Malta during the islands' past, at times of war and of peace.

Also, you should not forget to list those members of the Royal Navy, as well as their Merchant Navy comrades, who ran convoys to/by Malta during WW2.

Regimental Badge,
sculptured on
 Sa Maison 
 Bastions WHO WAS MICK??
 Epitaph to a
Rhodesian Lion Regimental Badge,
sculptured on
 Sa Maison 

There is no restriction as to the period of their tour of duty. As long as their years of service concerned Malta, all participations are welcome. The aim here is to remind one and all of those who served to defend Malta and Gozo over the years.

Please use the format below to e-mail us information regarding your family members and/or friends the format required (see below). This is a Notice Board for those interested in searching for comrades or relatives, as well as a record of short anecdotes. It will, above all else, serve as a reminder of hard times... not to be revisited except in the history books.

Compile your data in the following format:

  • Surname / Name(s)
  • Nationality
  • Year(s) in which person was stationed at Malta
  • Service/Regiment/Company
  • Rank
  • Useful Information and/or Anecdote
  • How person was related to submitter
  • Name and e-mail address of submitter (date of submission will also appear)

Thank you for your valued participation.   Please don't forget to visit the personal links (individual pages) where available.   Your may also wish to visit our History Pages and as well as our:

Continue your Research HERE !


This site is grateful to Joseph Victor Rizzo, NSW, Australia, whose contribution and efforts in conscripting listings to this page are immeasureable.

The listings that follow on subsequent pages are ordered by their date of submission to this website. Where available, more information and additional photos are given in personalised pages 'clickable' from the listing itself. For your easier reference, the list below is in alphabetical order.

    signifies 'lost during tour of duty'

Name (Surname/First Name)

List Service/Regt. Malta Years
ADDIS, George GO RAF 1940-1943
ALLEN, George GO Cheshire Regt. 1941-1943
ARCHER, Charles Frederick GO RAF 1943  
BARKER, Thomas GO RAF 1941-1943
BLAKEY, Joe GO RAF 1957-1959
BONELLO, Michael GO RMA 1959-1966
BONNICI, Guzeppi GO RMA 1905(?)-1915
BORG, Roger GO RMA 1939-1946
BROWN, Sam GO RA 1940-1942
CALI' WARRINGTON, Joe Malcolm GO RAF 1942-1943
CAMILLERI, Salvatore (Saviour) GO KOMR 1940-1945
CARTWRIGHT, Charles (Carmel) GO RE, RMA 1940-1951
CARTWRIGHT, Percy Nazzareno GO RE, RAF 1940-1964
CARUANA, Abraham GO RMA 1942-1945
COYNE, Leonard (Lennie) GO RA 1941-1944
CURRIE, William Patrick (Willie, Bill) GO RA 1939-1943
DARMANIN, Anthony GO RMA 1905-1936
DARMANIN, Joseph GO RMA 1935-1964
de MEURON WOODS, Charles Humphrey GO Royal Navy 1939-1942
DICKENS, Henry GO RA 1938-1944
GALEA, Emmanuel GO RMA 1939-1962
GILI, Raphael GO RMA/KOMR 1943-1946
GRAVES, Michael GO RAF 1942
HARBORD, Frank GO RAF 1941
HOGAN, Bernard GO RA 1940-1943
KICKHAM, Rosemary GO Royal Navy (WREN) 1943-1945
KILGARIFF, Denis GO KOMR (ex S.Staffs) 1936-1944
LAWSON, Roy GO RAF 1941-1941   †
LAZELL, William John (aka: Bill) GO RA 1941-1944  
MAGRO, James (Jim) GO RMA, RE, KOMR 1942-1946
MARSHALL, Omar GO US Navy 1968-1970
MAXWELL-ANDERSON, Maxwell, Hendry GO serv. of Governor 1939-1945
McVEIGH, Edward GO Connaught Rangers 1914-1918
MORRIS, Edward GO RGA 1900-1908
NOLAN, George GO RA 1939-1944
PUSEY BRIDGEN, Henry Ralph (Harry) GO RAF 1938-1939
RIDDELL, John GO RAF 1941-1944
RIZZO, Carmelo GO RMA 1941-1944
SAUNDERS, Ted (Sandy) GO RAF 1941-1943
SMEETON, Edgar Percy GO RN (home/sub fleet) 1913-1926 (?)
STAMP, Edward Victor GO RAF 1940-1943
TIDSWELL, Dennis GO RAF 1941-1945
WHITTLE, George GO 70th Regt.on Foot 1836-1838
ZAMMIT, John GO RMA 1941-1946

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