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posted by: Antonis Rombos
July 14, 2006

Dear ... relatives,   My name is Anthony Rombos I live in Athens Greece.

My Great Grand Father's name was Angelo Farrugia and he moved from Malta in to the island of Corfu around the year of 1890???

My grandfather Anthony Farrugia used to tell me that his ancestors in Malta had an emblem in their family which was a rooster on a barel.   Is there a family in Malta with my grandfathers name and such an emblem, or that was probably just a ... story that my grandfather used to tell me??

Anthony Rombos
Athens, USA


Additional Notes from

Farrugia is one of the more common surnames on the Maltese Islands (see note 1) and the family emblem does indeed depict a 'rooster' as the original name was Farrug (pron: farr-oo-j ), later Italianized to its present-day form; Farrugia.

  1. Mario Cassar, author of 'The Surnames of the Maltese Islands', publ BDL 2003, tells us that it is the third commonest surname in Malta and explains, citing Aquilina 1964, that the orignal Arabic farrudj means 'chicken' or 'hen' and hence al-farrudj was the paultry keeper.

In Malta, we had an old hamlet known as Hal Farrug, which today is incorporated into the main village; 'Hal' is a derivative of an older word that means the location where an animal keeper, rahhal, made his livelihood (Guzi Gatt, Malta).

for a few variations of the Farrugia family emblem, please visit: Search Malta.

AZZOPARDI     as well as

posted by: Jenina Halitsky
March 30, 2005

I thought I would post my Family Names in Malta in hopes that I may be able to locate some family both past and present.

I have dates (some birth/marriage/death dates) that I can share if the names and locations match up. I am looking for descendants of any of the following or any information on these individuals. I have listed the last names, first names and in brackets the area they were married or born in:

AZZOPARDI: Vincentino (Valletta), Paulo (Zebbuge), Giovanna (Valletta), Gaudenzio (Zebbug), Gaetano (Sliema and Valletta), Angelo (Zejtun)
BORG: Clara (Zejtun)
BONNICI: Iris (Valletta), Rogatino (Valletta), Luigi (Zeitun), Giovanni (Zejtun), Michelangelo (Zejtun), Lorenzo (Matrice, Gozo), Giuseppe (Qormi)
CAMENZULI: Annuziata (Velletta), Michele (Velletta)
CARUANA: Evangelista (Zejtun), Andrea (Zejtun)
CAUCHI: Maria (Attard)
COPPOLA: Anna (Valletta)
FARRUGIA: Maria (Velletta), Catarina (Zejtun), Maria (Zejtun)
GALEA: Francesca (Zejtun), Aloisio (Zejtun)
MERCIECA: Caterina (Matrice, Gozo)
SALIBA: Therese (Matrice, Gozo), Michele (Matrice, Gozo)
SEICHEL: Maria (Zejtun), Giuseppe (Zejtun)
VELLA: Consolata (Valletta), Carmelo

Jenina Halitsky
Michigan, USA


Additional Notes from

  1. 'Paulo' may be substituted by 'Paolo',
  2. 'Zebbuge' by 'Zebbug' and pls note that there are two such locations on the Maltese Islands;
    Haz-Zebbug on Malta and iz-Zebbug on Gozo, and
  3. 'Zeitun' by 'Zejtun', the latter being the correct/ modern spelling.

  4. 'Luigi' and 'Aloisio' may be interchangeable
  5. 'Catarina' may be found as 'Katarina', 'Katrin', or 'Caterina'
  6. 'Matrice' on Gozo implies the capital, i.e. 'Rabat'/'Victoria', possibly even the Gozo Cathedral within the Citadel. 2002-2004