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June 07, 2005

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  What's New?

Our latest addition, uploaded yesterday, opened up a new section about Maltese Traditions, with particular emphasis on Trades and Crafts.

This first part, entitled Street Hawkers is a short story written by the renowned Maltese author, Charles Casha, depicting his childhood memories, and translated into English by (with the kind consent of the author).

For the benefit of those who read in Maltese, we also bring you the original Maltese version entitled Il-Bejjiegha, taken from Casha's book: Minn fuq l-Ghatba (KKM, 2001); featured below.

This article spurred us to upload a few more photographs to our images page – specifically designed for students who need research material for their school projects – and which we call: Project Photos. Here we exhibit photographs, most of which featured in various past articles (complete with short descriptions and links to the site's information sources).

The page was first uploaded (18th January) with 35 images in table form, but more photographs have since been added; some that might not even have been featured in our articles but which we thought could be helpful to our visitors' researches.   We are truly sorry that we cannot accommodate everyone's wishes when we get email asking for info and/or photographs for school projects as our resources are not unlimited.   It would help if you could email any requests as much in advance as possible in case we may have some unpublished material that we could email you, as sometimes happens.

Here is a sample from the original Project Photos page.

Governor Congreve

Governor Congreve wss probably Malta's best loved British Governor.

Please refer to the following article: Of Guns & Roses and to a sub-article featuring a poem written in honour of Governor Congreve: 4 March, 1927.
Bir Miftuh Chapel

Malta is freckled with tiny wayside chapels, not to mention the numerous churches all over the Maltese Islands. The Chapel of Bir Miftuh is thought to be the oldest still standing and dates to the Middle Ages.

Some churches are featured in our Malta's Churches and Chapels section. OtherMalteseChurches.html   (no spaces)
Santa Marija Chapel, Comino

Another of Malta's oldest chapels is the one dedicated to the Flight to Egypy of the Sacred Family. This is the chapel at Santa Marija Bay on Comino, which is but one article in the chapter on Kemmuna.  

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  More Exclusives from      

Since the May update, a lot of time has been invested into a very interesting World War Two diary, as kept by RAF Sergeant Thomas Barker and transcribed by his son Lawrence.

This ten-part account transports us back in time to the late summer of 1941, when Sergeant Barker first set foot on Malta's shore, taking us right up to his departure on 26 Sept. 1943 and his safe arrival home (in Britain) on 8 October, that same year.   Daily entries describe two horrific years fraught with hard work, disease, deprivation, worry, death, improvised entertainment, lonliness, disasters, and victories.

Apart from his war diary, we have Sergeant Barker's second contribution:   the Surrender of the Italian Fleet — Malta 1943, another most informative and interesting read.   Thomas Barker was personally involved in the disarming and decommissioning of aircraft carried on board the Italian ships as they steamed towards the shelter of the Island Fortress, following Italy's capitulation.


Some pages have been updated.   These included:

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Dawn il-kelmiet Maltin ta' kulljum diga' qed jigu mibdula b'ohrajn barranin bla ma qed nintebhu.   Jekk ghandek tieghek, ghalfejn tissellef ta' haddiehor?   Il-Malti sabih ! Ghozzu !

  News, Opinions, Friendly Links

May 1st, 2004: Malta joined the European Union.

Let's hope the bureaucracy doesn't increase much more!!   And let's hope that our environment will get better protection, now that our Government has not only a moral duty, but a legal obligation to get off its backside and enforce the laws.

Reminder:   The illegal trappers' hides at the Hagar Qim Archaeological Park are still there and still illegal!   Hellooooo???

Visit:   The Negative Impacts of Bird Trapping

May 15th, 2004: Malta places 12th in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Call it sour grapes if you will, but with 'no' neighbours to vote for us (pathetic!) our Julie and Ludwig placed 12th with a very good performance. One wonders if the contest's only value is in promoting tourism ... as far as Malta is concerned at least.

May 21st, 2005: Malta places 2nd in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Congratulations to our lovely Chiara, whose voice and talent rocked the house in Kiev.   Tiny Malta, with no neighbouring (or political) supporters, has done it! Well done to the team and thanks to our supporters.

June 7th, 2005: National Holiday

commemorating the 1919 Bread Riots, more popularly known as the 'Sette Giunio' revolt; one of the darker periods in Malta's history.

Four Maltese men were killed in clashes with British troops as a result of a popular uprising during a time of grave economic hardships in the post-WW1 years.   With a huge increase in the price of flour, it is said that one loaf of bread was all that a lowly workman could afford with one week's wages.   At that time, Maltese families were considerably sizeable and a bread-winner had to support his parents and in-laws as well as his children because social benefits were inexistant.   In hindsight, it is small wonder that the insurgence broke out.

Today, we remember.

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