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March 22, 2003

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See last update: Dec 31, 2002

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  What's New?

In January and February we had a look at Maltese Talent; examining a young female poet, Natasha Turner, and a seasoned performing-songwriter, Walter Micallef

  Natasha Turner; 

With Christmas over and the year 2003 hurrying past, we took time off our upcoming Comino feature and focussed our attention on two Maltese Artists whose medium is the spoken word; written by Natasha and sung by Walter.

Both are displeased at what is happening around us, both zoom in on life's moments, bringing us (often uncomfortable) realizations. Walter released his first, long-awaited CD entitled: M'Jien Xejn, while Natasha released her second poetic work -- her first solo -- entitled "Neij-JIEN".

Each of these features is written in the Maltese language and each provides you a sample of their lyrical work.   Click the respective images to access their individual pages.


Another update worth mentioning is the new-look given to our Rich History pages.   We are cleaning those links that need more time to be validated and adding pictures to the explanatory pages.   This process takes time.

There is much more to be done, but rest assured that changes to existant pages are underway; site upgrading is an ongoing process.   We still have many pictures and photos to upload, so if you happen to need a picture that is not yet shown, drop us an email and we'll see if we have it.

Meanwhile, if you find any links that do not work, please inform us as we depend on your feedback and support to keep this website tidy.

PREVIOUS Update: Christmas in Malta; an unusual perspective.
And before that ?   Take a peek at our What's New ? page.

  Site Feature Focus

Lately, my-malta.com has been added with a special feature. We are bringing you an often-updated photograph in very large format.

Have you been missing any of these photos?   Owing to their size, the photos would take longer than usual to download, depending on your connection and modem speed, but as our pages usually open in a new window you may go back to our Homepage to see what is being displayed at this moment.

click to enlarge photos

Wasp nest : at Ghammar near Hal-Far

Jose Attard, Gzira Tailor

Chadwick Lakes; 2nd March 2003

Fawwara Cliffs, neighbouring Dingli

Sea Passenger Terminal; Grand Harbour

Blue Anchor, Ghajnsielem Bar

My Favourite Place: Gzira Creek (08-10-02)

These are only a few of the photos you should have been seeing if you visited My-Malta-Home regularly.

Make my-malta.com your Homepage so you will not miss any of these in future.

  News, Opinions, Friendly Links

Marica on a Sat. morning. In the last site-update, we mentioned the Melitensia sections of Malta's Central Public Library at Beltissebh.

We get a lot of our information from here, as do a lot of students during their school projects, and I would like to thank the librarians, especially Marica, for their assistance in our work.

The pity -- apart from the evident lack of respect and education of certain visitors to the library -- is that authors are only obliged by law to donate ONE single copy of any Maltese publication to the National Library, none to the C.P.L., so that many books that are important for students' research (education) cannot be afforded to them.

All writers of Melitensia titles are urged to donate some copies of their works to our Public Library, a noble act for a noble cause.

Link also to these interesting websites:

Grupp Arkeologiku Malti -- GAM
Louis' Sites (Senglea, WW2)
Malta G.C. -- A story of heroism
Trevor Zahra; Children's Author.
Friends of the National Archives
Nature Trust Malta
Din l-Art Helwa
Wirt Ghawdex
Ghar Mirdum

  Site Mission Statement

This site does not sell anything!   It has no ties with or obligations towards any organization and, therefore, has no hidden agenda or ulterior motive.

It's purpose is educational; aimed at helping those who wish to learn about what really makes the Maltese Islands what they are. We look at every known angle, taking no sides, exposing an objective (possibly uncomfortable) truth.

Any recommendations given are based on our sincere opinions, and are not motivated by any material gains.

The prime objective of this site is to promote the Maltese Islands, their history, culture and lifestyle.   In so doing, the rest of our objectives are also met.   The candid manner in which we describe ourselves may often constitute (national) auto-criticism, intended to expose wrongdoings in the hope that they be corrected by whoever has the faculty to right the wrongs; at times these being the authorities, at other times ourselves (today's and tomorrow's voting public) !

The protection of our Environment (in its broadest sense) is foremost among our priorities.

And finally, it is another of our aims to unite all those who love the Maltese Islands, wherever these people may live, whatever their nationality, culture or creed, as long as they are people of Good Will.

  Site Administration

Webmaster:   Steve Farrugia, Gzira, Malta
Copyright:     belongs to Steve Farrugia /
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Contributors:  As credited on individual
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