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Stemma ta' Kemmuna: 
Moror inter aras

General Information
An Overview
The Crossing
The Blue Lagoon
The Comino Tower
Local Legend
Santa Maria Chapel
The 1715 Battery
Meeting Marija
Comino Waters
Local Placenames
Old Comino Maps/Pictures
Comino in the Arts
Authors' Profiles
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in Degrees Celcius  
Month Daytime
January   17-08   14
February   18-08   13
March   20-09   14
April   22-11   15
May   26-13   18
June   29-17   21
July   33-21   24
August   33-21   26
Sept.   30-21   25
October   28-17   23
November   23-12   19



Note: Figures shown in these tables are only approximate; intended for visitors' guidance only.   For up-to-date reports please click the link below:

Malta International Airport

Hours of Sunshine and
amount of rainfall (mm) 
Month Sunshine
January   05   86
February   05   56
March   07   41
April   09   22
May   10   11
June   12   02
July   13  0.5
August   12   06
Sept.   09   31
October   07   83
November   06   87



 on the 

copyright reserved 2003

editing & design:
textual content:
Steve Farrugia / Steve Borg
as indicated (captioned)

This specialised chapter of is being brought to you with clear objectives; to promote better understanding, appreciation and protection of the virgin habitat on Comino, as well as the island's traditions and historical heritage.

Aside from the effort and research that have made this presentation possible, the cooperation of various organizations and individuals who helped compile the information and/or provided photographs deserves our sincere gratitude.

This work is dedicated to the inhabitants of Comino, whose memory should live on as a part of our rich Maltese culture.

Steve Borg and Steve Farrugia

The Maltese name for Comino is Kemmuna while the smaller Cominotto is known as Kemmunett.


General Information

Composition & Location:

COMINO forms part of the Maltese archipelago, which includes the larger island of Malta, as well as Gozo and two uninhabited islands; Cominotto and Filfla.

The Maltese Islands are situated between 36º00 00 (northern latitude) and 35º48 00 (southern latitude) and between 14º35 00 (eastern longitude) and 14º10 30 (western longitude). Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, their nearest point in Europe is Capo Passero, near Pozzallo (Sicily, Italy), at 93km, while the nearest point in Africa is Cape Bon (Tunisia) at 291km. Malta signed the accession treaty with the European Union on the 16th April 2003 to become a full member in May 2004.

Geographic properties:

The island of Comino consists of a low plateau, especially in the south-eastern area, that gradually descends to the plane in the north-eastern part of the island.

The cliff sides in the southern area – in the proximity of Ta’ Prexxa – are characterised by scarps and boulders, with the predominant mineral being globicerina Limestone.

The coastline between the northern and western area is well indented with a number of coves and inlets.

Comino has a total surface area of 2.784 kilometres sq. (1.075 sq. miles).

Climate and Rainfall:

Comino enjoys mild winters and hot, dry summers. This cycle is continued by the seasonal migration of the mid-latitude low pressure belt.

Rainfall occurs mainly from mid-Oct to April, with heavy falls usually experienced in Nov, January and Feb. June and July are the driest months.


Only four persons inhabit Comino at this time of writing (2003). -- copyright-- 2003

How to get there:

Departures from Cirkewwa, Malta, are from the North Quay, but are subject to change to the South Quay during prevailing wind conditions.

Additional boat services are operated to all points subject to hotel guest arrivals and departures.

All ticket payments are to be affected at the Comino Hotel reception desk after arrival, but prior to departure.

Guests are advised to contact the hotel on: tel 21529821, or fax 21529826 for the latest updates and conditions.

Very Important:

All information found in this website is provided in bona fide, hence no liability whatsoever can be accepted by or attributed to the authors of this chapter or for any claims and/or consequences arising from information appearing herein.

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