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Here you will find a collection of links to other sites, whether related to Malta or otherwise.

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Life Skills

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Fun Sites


Free Traffic Tools!


Malta links

Wondering what Malta's Weather is like?

Malta Intl. Airport weather

Need to locate a company in Malta?

Yellow Web Pages Malta
Malta Enterprise

What's happening at Malta? Read the papers at:

The Times of Malta, daily and Sunday
The Malta Independent daily and Sunday
L-Orizzont, It-Torca daily and Sunday
In-Nazzjon / Il-Mument daily and Sunday
Malta Business Weekly
Malta Financial & Business Times

Other Malta Links

Travel Links and hints for the foreign traveller
Banking Links
Laws of Malta (text search) from the Malta Government Site
NGO Links
Malta Bus Routes from the A.D.T. (Malta Transport Auth.)


Life Skills

Visit Josh Hind's Motivational Page and subscribe
to his Inspirational Newsletter. A refreshing read every time.

Louise Morgan's Three-Minute Coach is one of those
newsletters from which only good comes out. This one is for those who
want their dreams fulfilled.

Peek into the lives of some Great Personalities and
find out what it is they're really made of.

Other Life Skills Links


Internet and e-Commerce

Want your own FREE site?

Bravenet, Fortune City, Geocities, About,
and more will follow...

Make your website functional. Add FREE javascripts:

The JavaScript Source

Want a kool Cursor Pointer?

More Internet and e-Commerce Links Add Me!


Study and Research

Need On-Line Dictionaries?

Researching Famous People? Start here:

History Channel
Biography Channel

More Study & Research Links

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General Interest

Log onto Google for all your research needs

Other General Interest Links


Fun Sites

Download Webshots Desktop

More Fun Links

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